Thank you for coming at this page. I work as translator, though I also do pro bono work as a lawyer – mainly in Human Rights.

An accurate final translation product is not worth the headache of putting up with mediocre or poor customer service. I pride myself in exceeding client expectations all the way from the quote through to the completion of the project. And if needed, service afterwards.

Please view my CV page, I will be more than happy to help you in translations and in revisions. My mother tongues are English, Spanish and Dutch, and I translate from these languages and also from German, French and Italian.

Whilst I am doing a lot of legal, financial, business and insurance document translations, I have over the years also been translating a lot of tenders for international companies, as well as annual accounts. For reasons of privacy, it is of course impossible to give here a list, but you can either email me for references, or check my professional references at . Over the years a large number of documents have been coming my way, so you can be sure I have the adequate experience.




For a superb book on how the criminal justice system does NOT work: