Financial documents

The financial sector has a language of its own – in every country and in every jurisdiction. That’s why it can be easy to translate a document from one language to another and get things spectacularly wrong, with the result being a big dent in your company’s image.

The sheer range of texts can lead to confusion between terminology and purpose – business reports, financial statements, investment reports, contracts, regulatory submissions, media communications … the list goes on. For a company that is obliged to issue all these types of documents, there is a critical need for consistency across all their company literature. Otherwise, a less-than-professional image will be presented and that can have serious implications, especially in terms of the regulatory environment.

International Financial Reporting Standards, for example, demand a certain terminology which has to be consistent across the text included in financial statements. But there are other standards and jurisdictions which have their own requirements. Use the wrong term and the user of the document can be misled. And that can mean trouble.

I have been translating now for over 30 years in this area and I think it is clear I would not be doing so if my clients (incl. some very well known household names) were not satisfied. That is the reason I would be interested in hearing from you, and collaborating with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.