Legal translations

Fast, accurate legal translations into English, Spanish and Dutch

I have a wealth of experience in providing high quality translations of legal materials across a broad range of practice areas. I understand that legal documents are often required within demanding timescales, whilst always maintaining the correct accuracy. I am completely geared towards hitting these two key metrics, allowing me to deliver fast, high quality translated documents every time. Sometimes the legal concepts in one country are unintelligible in another legal concept – that is why sticking to the original text is so important.

Legal translation can mean a lot of things. Sometimes you need a translation for use in court, either in Spain, the UK, Europe or the US; or for service abroad, but sometimes you just need to know what a document says. I am used to handling a range of different legal documents, and will suggest the most appropriate level of service for you based on your requirements. Whether I am translating a large discovery bundle for a commercial litigation case, or a simple birth certificate for an immigration application, legal briefs or court sentences, I’ll make sure you receive exactly what you need. And rest assured I am always there to help you clarify matters. Even when they are in the most dense legalese.

As reference, I have translated for the Odenbrecht case(s), Oi Telecom, Petrobras. All high profile cases, where not only accuracy was important, but also delivery of the translation within the shortest period possible.